An interview with Housemarque's CEO: past, present, future

An interview with Housemarque's CEO: past, present, future

2012 Tommaso Debenetti

“I think it’s about time to review the company highlights for the recent past”, told me Housemarque’s CEO Ilari Kuittinen last time we met in the corridor. “As you say, chief”, I answered, starting to jot down questions. This interview is the result of our conversation: read ahead to know more about Housemarque’s past, present and future.

Let’s start with the last 18 months.

The facts: from April 2011 we shipped 4 major releases on 4 different platforms. On the side, we also released 5 DLCs to support our games.

Do you want to list all this stuff?

Sure. Outland, our first multiplatform release, came out on both Xbox 360 and PS3 and won the Best PSN Game award on IGN and Gamespot’s Best Download-only Console Game award. Actually, the game will also appear in a retail bundle ready to be released in a matter of days, together with From Dust and Beyond Good and Evil HD.

The turn of Dead Nation: Road of Devastation came in September 2011. That was self-published, and we did a free DLC update to it in June this year. Then came Super Stardust Delta for PSVita, released in January in Japan and in February in the rest of the world. SSD was paired with the Blast Pack DLC, and won the Best Nordic Handheld Game of 2012 award at Nordic Game, hopefully just the first of many upcoming prizes. Also, it got stellar votes everywhere, which is always a relief.

Next was our first iOS game, Furmins, now available both in HD and Free version. Furmins supports key features such as iCloud saves, Game Center and of course Retina Display. This game is an obvious departure from what we have done in the past, but if you want something different from Housemarque you should really check it out.

What about upcoming projects?

Later this autumn there will be Angry Birds Trilogy, with Kinect and Move support. This will be the first proper living room version of Angry Birds, with HD graphics and enhanced backgrounds: if you like slinging birds around, that’s the package for you.

We are also working on two titles that have absorbed most of our energies since March this year… a total of 30 people are working on those. And – breaking news – these are two new IPs. We can’t go into details, but we are sure our fans will appreciate what we are working on. Watch this space!

What else has happened?

In short, “growth of the company”: we went from 30+ to almost 40 people. Some of the new hires already started to work on new projects, and some will join them very soon in the coming weeks.

All right, closing words time.

I’d like to use this opportunity to say a big “thank you” to our fans: without you we wouldn’t be where we are.

At times, Housemarque likes to surprise people exploring new genres. They might not be your cup of tea, but you should nonetheless take a look at our currently available games.

Rest assured that we will keep delivering some of the coolest games you have ever played in your life. Also, your feedback is really important to us, so keep in touch!

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