Alienation patch 1.03 now available, couch co-op and more inside! - Housemarque

Alienation patch 1.03 now available, couch co-op and more inside!

2016 Housemarque

A few days ago we released a free Alienation patch introducing the long awaited local-coop feature. Along with it we also added leagues, new difficulty levels and many other improvements you can read about in the changelog below.
DLCs and Season Pass also made their debuts for Alienation: all details and prices are available HERE.

Another patch is in the works as we plan to add even more free content, so stay tuned!

Patch 1.03 Changelog

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– Local co-op for 2-4 players
– Leagues
– New Equipment: Vortex Grenade (DLC)
– Weapons Hack, allows any class to use all primary weapons (DLC)
– Weapon ammo colors
– 6 new communication messages
– 2 new difficulty levels in Story missions, 1 new difficulty level in Ark Ship
– New trophies
– Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese translations enabled for all regions
– Japanese voice acting enabled for all regions

– Fixed a potential desync if player joins and leaves an online mission repeatedly
– Fixed a case where game end screen would have not been displayed and a blank screen would have been displayed instead

– Tesla Charge sound fixes
– Summary screen uses the same pose for all characters
– Fleshworks Trophy actually requires enemies to be killed instead of just damaged by explosive
– Player indicator circle follows teleporting dead players
– Artillery strike turns off when player dies
– Fixed some lava pools not doing damage in Barrow
– Fixed uncollected, offscreen cores displaying their number on screen in certain alien hives

– Increased Hero Level cap by 25
– Balanced level hazard (Mortars, Turrets, etc) health to follow similar curve as aliens
– Controller light color matches player color
– Increased the chance for dropping 9-12 socket legendary weapons


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