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Alienation new release date announced, new video

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Sony announces new release date for Alienation

Greetings from Helsinki. We have received warning signs of an impending alien invasion and after much analysis, they are certain that a full blown confrontation is inevitable on 26th April.

Early reports show that there is no need for panic however as a new military sub-section of the UN has been created to specifically handle all incidents of alien outbreaks.

Representing the new force, known as the UNX, Colonel Alexander Clark reports that front line defences seem to be operational and he expects a total eradication of the threat before citizens come into contact with the alien species, dubbed the “Xenos”.

Clark also commented on chaotic footage of an alleged UNX training mission and assures the PlayStation Nation that everything is under control!

Some similarities to a previous “zombie” outbreak (Dead Nation) are visible but Housemarque has clearly upped their game since that last time they had to save the world.

As you can see from the trailer, in Alienation, the Xenos are super-aggressive and cars are literally being blown sky high in the heat of battle. However, the amount of weapons at your disposal and the options to upgrade them are enormous. Heavy casualties are expected but co-operation with other UNX agents is the key to becoming an unstoppable force!

Ilari Kuittinen, one of the founders of Housemarque was recently quoted as saying, “We’ve always been a tech centric company and now we have the chance to prove our capabilities to the world in our most ambitious project ever”.

It really seems that alien related R&D has suited us very well and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield soon! Alienation is available for pre-order on PlayStation Store from today, with a 10% discount on the launch price.


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