Housemarque releases self-funded Dead Nation DLC Road of Devastation

Housemarque releases self-funded Dead Nation DLC Road of Devastation

2011 Housemarque

HELSINKI, FINLAND – September 27, 2011

Independent Finnish developer Housemarque, the critically acclaimed studio behind Super Stardust HD, Outland, Dead Nation and upcoming Furmins, have today released the first DLC for ‘PlayStation(R) Network exclusive smash hit Dead Nation in North America. “Road of Devastation” DLC offers gamers new gameplay content and challenges both in single player and co-op modes. The DLC is released on the 28th of September in Europe and other available regions.

“Road of Devastation” DLC was continuously in the development since the launch of the original game for over eight months. This represent as the single biggest development effort on DLC Housemarque has done to further support a game after the release.

“After the initial release of the game, we talked with Sony and made a unique arrangement to bring the DLC to the market. We funded the development and Sony published the additional content.” says Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen. “We certainly hope that our fans will appreciate our efforts as we think “Road of Devastation” DLC offers hours of fun for both veteran and novice Dead Nation players.”

Dead Nation DLC “Road Of Devastation” will present you with a variety of new tools and equipment to dispose of your enemies, while introducing new enemies and obstacles encountered in unique new environments. Since the launch of the game, Dead Nation has been a top selling PSN title having fans all around the globe. After being included in Welcome Pack offering has helped the game to reach over 3,8 million downloads.

The DLC is priced at $3,99USD/€3,99EUR/£3,49GBP. The pricing for other territories can be found at the local Playstation Stores. The DLC contains both single and co-op modes (off-line and online) and add new Trophies as well. Further news and details on Road of Devastation DLC can be found in our facebook pages and our website

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