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Housemarque and Rovio team up for Angry Birds Trilogy

Angry Birds Trilogy

Dear gamers, ornithologists, and casual bird-watchers:

It’s finally time for the big reveal: Housemarque and Rovio have soared together to create Angry Birds Trilogy, the most comprehensive chapter yet in the über-popular avian saga!

Fresh off of Furmins and Super Stardust Delta, the Housemarque team has successfully tackled the challenge of bringing the famed birds to the console world. Angry Birds Trilogy, published by Activision, is designed from the ground-up as the perfect home console experience. This means HD graphics, improved environments, and all the madness of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season and Angy Birds Rio bundled together in one gigantic, feathery ball of enormous fun.

Angry Birds Trilogy

Angry Birds Trilogy is set to release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo 3DS, and will also support Microsoft Kinect, Playstation Move and Street Pass respectively.

Ready to fly? Stay tuned for a complete list of features and release dates!

Angry Birds Trilogy

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